Buildbotics CNC Controller

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  • GST280A with cord


New Improved Controller with great new features and capabilities!

Features (Great new features added!)

  • 4 stepper motor outputs
  • Control and configure from your web browser
  • Gamepad manual control
  • Remote video monitoring (optional)
  • Wired or wireless, WiFi network
  • 4 USB ports
  • 8 Limit switch inputs
  • PWM, 0-10V Analog, and RS485 (VFD) spindle control (0-10V Analog added)
  • Z-axis probe interface
  • 250k steps/second on each motor output
  • 24 - 48 Volt DC power input (previously 12 - 36 V)
  • Robust inrush management (New capability)
  • 5 Volt I/O (previously 3.3 Volt)
  • Accessible step and direction signals (New capability)
  • Over voltage protection on logic inputs (New capability)
  • Up to 1/256th microstepping
  • S-Curve path planning
  • Understands all common GCodes
  • 3D Visualization of GCode paths
  • Accurate ETA and time estimates
  • Free CAMotics GCode verification software
  • 100% Open-Source
  • And much more...


60 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, return the product to us within 60 days and we'll refund the purchase price. Note, shipping costs will not be refunded.

Visible signs of abuse will void this guarantee.


  • The Buildbotics CNC Controller
  • A Logitech F310 gamepad for manual control
  • DB25 breakout box for easy access to all I/O
  • 4 x 10-foot motor cables
  • 1 x DC power supply cable


  • Mean Well GST280A48-C6P power supply (Fully enclosed 48 volt, 280 Watt power supply)
  • Mean Well LRS-350-36 (48V, 350 watt power supply)
  • USB webcam

36 Reviews

  • 5
    Great customer service

    Posted by David a Mello jr on Jul 17th 2022

    Just here to say Thank you Doug ,for top notch customer service He taught me a lot about his controller and programming it ,He always there to troubleshoot problems and answer question I would highly recommend buying his controller.He has a passion for what he does and he's a great teacher keep up the good work Doug.Thank you

  • 5
    Great product with even better service

    Posted by Robert Stewart on Mar 13th 2022

    I've had my controller for over 2 years and to this day I haven't had as much as a hiccup with it. Not only has it ran flawlessly, but any time I had a question about it I had a reply back that day. My primary use has been on a 3 axis CNC router, but I've toyed around with a rotary axis and even a diode laser. I highly suggest this controller and I am sure I will be buying another one when I finish my new machine.

  • 5
    Excellent product, easy and intuitive to learn and work with, no surprises

    Posted by Alex Reichstadt on Feb 14th 2022

    We decided to build our own CNC router and obtained a kit from I decided on the buildbotics controller due to its foundation in open source and the level of transparency. I am happy to pay for someone maintaining and open to suggestions, which such approach suggests to me. I was on spot with my assessment.
    Everything was excellent, the product shipped on time, everything was complete and well documented.
    I didn't know much about spindles and for lack of experience had obtained a somewhat exotic spindle from amazon, but as it turned out it is based on the V70 controller.
    With Doug's support I was able to connect my VFD to the controller and had my router running perfectly. This has been one of my most rewarding learning experiences due to the level of support as well as the excellent documentation and quality of the product itself. I see no challenge in adopting this controller for any project regardless of size. The design is so open and flexible that extending a setup is easy.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by John Burks JR on Jan 4th 2022

    This is my second Buildbotics controller. Outstanding product.

  • 5
    Excellent controller system

    Posted by Shannon Bailey on Dec 31st 2021

    This is a great setup. Use it for my 4 axis cnc router. Works perfect and easy to setup. They also have top notch customer service. The best response time of anyone I have ever dealt with and very helpful. Highly Recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Jaber Elbarghouthi on Dec 31st 2021

    I must admit that this unit exceeds all expectations. Easy to use 4 Axis all competitions.
    Forget the complicated Mach3, ignore Acorn complication and and wiring mess that could take you days to setup. And openbuilds good controller yet BUILDBOTICS is more powerful 4 Axis and smoother operation. I am so satisfied and happy to buy it.


    If they sell this on Amazon or ebay or etsy they will be on top of all companies.

    God bless you

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by John Burks JR on Dec 17th 2021

    I replaced a Blackbox on a Newcarve 1045 with this Buildbotics controller. It's very easy to set up and get going. The cuts seem so much less violent and smooth. Doug's support, when needed, is great. I have zero complaints about this controller. Top-notch.

  • 5
    Awesome Customer Support And Controller

    Posted by MIke on Dec 3rd 2021

    Purchased Buildbotics controller for Onefinity X35 woodworker, Awesome controller by the way. I (noob) was having some issues with homing my X35, I called the # on there site and Doug answered the phone, He spend over an hour on the phone with me calibrating my X35 and setting up XYZ. I Very pleased when I hung up the phone with Doug everything worked, my son and I where so happy. Thanks again Doug

  • 5
    CNC Controller

    Posted by Bill Bailey on Nov 28th 2021

    Works very well, it is easy to use. Installation on my Taig mill went very smoothly.